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How to Make Iced Coffee Float

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Our new readers want to share recipe about how to make Ices Coffee Float. They told in our contact forum to make the coffee method.
Materials To Make iced Coffee Float:
2 tablespoons Instant Coffee, 6 scoops vanilla ice cream, 500ml cold milk-white liquid, Cocoa powder, hot water, ice cubes

How to Make iced Coffee Float:
1. Instant coffee brewed using hot water by 2 tablespoons.
2. Combine the cold milk with a solution of instant coffee and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.
3. Blend until mixed and frothy.
4. enter into cups and add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream into each glass.
5. add the chocolate powder on top of ice cream.
6. serve immediately iced Coffee Float

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We all remember the case of the woman who sued McDonalds after spilling hot coffee on her lap, right? Not only was it the focus of a classic 'Seinfeld' episode, but that one case ignited a fire storm across the country because of just how insane it sounded. Who doesn't know that coffee is hot, and, seriously, how hurt could you really get from spilling some hot coffee in your lap?

Well that answer, along with several others, make up only a fraction of the electrifying new documentary 'Hot Coffee,' which marks the first film from former trial attorneySusan Saladoff. 'Hot Coffee' begins by telling the real story behind that "hot coffee incident" before exposing a few other cases featuring people who were screwed over by the court system because of either Tort reform, caps on damages, mandatory arbitration, or some combination of the three.

We sat down with Saladoff for five minutes to discuss the most important parts of her documentary, as well as why every registered voter in the country needs to see this film before the next election.


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